Working with Realtors for Tenant Placement


As a licensed Real Estate Agent, you may view our properties with your clients. We have our our rental properties listed with Tenant Turner. We must have your name, number, email address, and license number to approve your showing appointment.  Please note that you MUST personally show the unit in order to receive a commission. Do not at any time give out our lock box codes.

Please make sure that all forms are complete and turned into our office. Please inform your clients that we will need all forms submitted timely for our application process, which can both be found on our website.  Once they have completed their online application and paid the corresponding fees, be sure to send us their supporting documentation by uploading it to the application or via fax or email.  We will handle the process from there, which could be a 3 to 5 day process, depending on how quickly we can get all verifications back.

The toughest form to get is the rental verification. It would help us to quickly process the application if the tenant gives their landlord a heads up that we will be calling.

Once the application is processed we will notify the agent as to the decision to accept or deny their application.


We usually run an initial check to see if they can be pre- approved within 24 business hours of receiving the application. We ask that if they are notified with the pre-approval then they must place a non-refundable holding fee of a min of $500.00 which will be credited towards the move in monies. This fee will be refundable in the event they are denied by our underwriting team. For any vouchers applicants, we will accept a minimum of $250.00 Non-refunding holding fee and it is refundable if the rent offer is not accepted by the property owner or the property cant pass inspection.


Our Leasing Manager will contact the future tenant to sign the lease electrically. We will go over the lease with all parties and inform the new tenants of utility requirements, insurance required, any and all responsibility that the tenant has under the agreement.  Your clients (our new tenants) will be required to pay all deposits at the time the lease is signed. All leases must be signed within 72 days of approval. Their rent will be discussed with them and is due prior to their move-in date to receive keys.

In the event your client’s application is denied, a letter will be emailed and mailed to their current address stating the denial of their application, which will include instructions on how to receive their refundable holding fee deposit back.  


If ALL required paperwork is correct and submitted to our office, we process your commission check within 3 business days after your client move in. We ask that you submit an invoice for the payment which we pay 50% of the 1st month rent to our billing dept. Any incorrect, incomplete, or missing paperwork may delay this process.  If you do not receive your check within this time frame, feel free to email our Accounting Department at or call Alex at our office so the issue can be researched and resolved.


  • ID and Business Card of Agent with their License Number must be texted to 410-372-6512
  • Agent MUST personally show property
  • All completed documents, such as application and other forms listed on the website.
  • Agent’s name MUST be on the prospective tenant’s application
  • Agent MUST submit a completed W-9 form.