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If you’re an experienced property investor, you’re probably an expert at scouring the MLS, perusing Craigslist, posting Bandit signs, and more. If you are interested in off-market deals and connecting with local hard money lenders, could be a useful tool for you.

Offering investment properties at 20-50% off, networking opportunities, and wholesale training, is targeted for residential real estate investors. Users can customize their profiles and generate push notifications for new properties listed in their area.  has listed over 193,177 investment deals to-date, and currently has 6,152 investment deals available.

Participants in Bigger Pockets forums, have had great experiences with . However, they do note that since the reliability of each deal is based on the reliability of each individual posting the deal, exercising due diligence is strongly advised.

Membership to  is free with the option to upgrade to a Premium Account. As a Premium Member, you have unlimited access to deals and exclusive offers from vendors. What’s particularly helpful is you can decide to upgrade at any time if you are finding value in your membership, and Premium Membership is dirt cheap!

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When you create your free account, you'll receive access to hundreds of big-equity deals in the Baltimore area. Most are available at absurd discounts... Often 20-50% off!

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