Exclusive Broker/Agent Referral Program

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Realtor Referral

Get started in a few simple steps.

  1. Refer an Investor/Property Owner
    Fill out the form below to send us your client's information.
  2. We Contact the Client
    We'll look over the details submitted and give your customer a call. Be sure to let them know to expect our call.
  3. We Pay You
    Every successful referral will net you a referral fee: $250.00 for Full Property Management Services

Why Refer Clients to Us?

Explore the Benefits

  1. Hold on to Your Clients
    When you refer customers to Nest Idaho, you don't have to give up your relationship with the client. We'll manage the property and when it's time to sell, refer the client back to you.
  2. Eliminate Potential Liability
    Property management is a confusing industry, with plenty of ins and outs. Don't get caught off guard and provide inaccurate advice on insurance requirements, fair housing rules, or local housing laws.
  3. We Put Everything in Writing
    Rest easy knowing you're working with a trustworthy property management partner. We keep everything in writing, so both parties understand the expectations of our working agreement.
  4. We Work to Make You Shine
    Don't let your reputation get sullied by a bad property manager. We keep our customers happy and work diligently to ensure they stay satisfied. Of course, this reflects positively on you, too!
  5. We'll Pay You
    You'll earn $250.00 for every successful referral.


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