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PropertyWize Professional Property Management Team. Our name says is all. We are a team comprised of Professionals that is committed to excellence in all areas of Property Management. With a combined 25 years of experience, we manage all properties including Residential, Commercial, and Home Owner Associations.

Our Mission is simple. Our goal as your Property Management team is to maximize your income by applying exceptional Real Estate Property Management skills. With PropertyWize you can expect ongoing commitment to maintaining the highest possible standards and delivering exceptional value.

Mission Statement

At PropertyWize our name says is all. We are a team of real estate management professionals committed to excellence in all areas of Property Management. Our number one goal is to provide our owners and residents with The ultimate property management experience. We accomplish this by consistently providing prompt and professional service and the inclusion of additional detailed services rarely seen in our market. We work hard to maintain our commitment of delivering the highest possible standards and strive to exceed expectations every step of the way.

Vision Statement

At PropertyWize, our Core Values of respect and professionalism define how we treat our clients, residents, and our team. Our Values are embedded in the way we operate and in the services we provide.


We are transparent, honest, and consistent. We take pride in our work and act with professionalism. We do what we say we will do and work hard to earn your trust. Our relationships are based on respect and fairness in all our dealings. We take our fiduciary responsibilities seriously and our actions demonstrate our integrity.


We challenge ourselves to execute flawlessly and to consistently deliver the highest quality of service to our clients. We take our time to understand what our client’s specific needs are and offer customized services that are right for them. We want to be known as a company that cares about clients and delivers superior services for the competitive price.


We are experts specializing in the Greater Baltimore Metropolitan Area and Surrounding counties and can deliver long-term solutions that meet your custom needs. We can help you realize the investors dream which is to keep your property Rented, Collected & Maintained. Our mission is to end your headache and we achieve that by caring for your property as if it were our own.


We are passionate and enjoy what we do. Our philosophy and core values drive our service offerings, pricing and perspectives toward our daily activities. We are intensely focused on serving our clients and helping them achieve peace of mind and their business objectives. Our time horizon is longer than most and we intend to build long-term meaningful relationships.

In support of these values, we also promote green and environmentally sustainable practices that also benefit our clients and residents. We believe that our Core Values are a key part of our success, not just as a business, but in terms of the impact our work has on our clients and on our local community.

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The Headache

The PropertyWize Answer:

We remove the stress from owning rental properties by placing highly qualified residents, displaying effective communication, streamlined rent collection, and assigning upstanding local maintenance providers to care for the integrity of the properties.

End Your Headache Today!

Take the headaches of property management away by hiring us- the experts, then sit back and enjoy your well-deserved profits! PropertyWize will.

Our Story

Early 2000s…

We were investors first and we were looking for qualified property managers. We interviewed managers; we discussed options and experience with other investors; and the inevitable conclusion was that there was a dearth of qualified property managers in the Baltimore area that genuinely look out for their clients’ interests. We saw this as an opportunity to make a real difference in a market that desperately needed it. We started our own company. Things went well; we grew and our clients appreciated our personal attention to detail; we treated their properties like our properties. It was the only way we knew how to manage… and we took pride in it.

Early 2010s…

An aggressive self-motivated go-getter came to us. She had management experience and a business degree; she knew how to run things, but she wanted to know more. She agreed to work for us part time to learn new aspects of property management in preparation for opening her own business one day. She was a hard worker with exceptional ethics; she really cared about the clients and wanted to see them succeed. It was a real eye-opener for us. We had never hired anyone like her before.

And Then…

Our star employee stepped out on her own. It was slow at first, but she did it; she had her own business… and we missed her. So we decided to take a bigger chance on her. We offered her a partnership… Together We Are Stronger! Together we can make a bigger difference in the property management industry. She agreed! PropertyWize was born.


We’ve grown like gang-busters and we’re managing single-family and multi-family residential, apartment complexes, HOAs, and commercial real estate. But we’ve never lost touch with our roots and the quality of service and personal touches that got us here! We have a strong team of committed people (including new rising stars!) who care about making a difference in the lives of our clients and our residents. Let us make a difference for you.

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Our Team

Meet Shanicka Sudler
Shanicka is an Executive Property Manager as well as a founder and principal architect of PropertyWize property management company. As the daughter of a successful business woman, Shanicka has “business” in her blood. She is a Certified Property Manager by the Institute of Real Estate Management with over a decade of hands-on experience in the profession and a Master’s Degree in Business Administration from the University of Maryland. Shanicka is now a Licensed Realtor, positioned to help you achieve maximum success in regards to all facets of Real Estate. Shanicka is exceptionally well-positioned to handle all types of property management, from single-family, short term rentals, event spaces, and multi-family residential to Home Owners’ Associations (HOAs) and all types of commercial real estate. She is both skilled and well-versed in real estate turnaround management, a process that uses analysis and planning to return troubled properties to solvency and profitability. Shanicka is also highly successful in managing assets using the BRRR strategy of real estate investment. This method includes  Buying distressed properties then Rehabbing, Renting, and Refinancing them. Repeating this  process over and over to scale up your rental portfolio with less of your own capital is extremely profitable. You may find more resources on this topic by visiting BiggerPockets.com, where we are featured as the Top Performing Property Management company in the Baltimore Metro Area and all surrounding counties. Because Shanicka started her career at the age of sixteen and has held positions in residential property management at every level of the industry, she understands the needs of residents and owners alike and her experience has taught her how to fuse those unique perspectives into managerial techniques that reduce conflicts and promote long-term profitability for owners while ensuring residents know she cares about them and their homes. With respect to HOA and commercial property management, Shanicka’s advanced education and unparalleled skills provide the tools she needs to create property plans and budgets and negotiate vendor contracts that keep costs down while maintaining the high standards of her clients’ investments. When clients are ready to elevate their investments to business status, they come to Shanicka.
Meet Michelle Yang
Michelle is an Executive Property Manager and licensed real estate broker as well as a founder and principal architect of PropertyWize property management company. Michelle emigrated from China to the United States at the age of twenty one to make her own way in the world, and that she did. Michelle began her career in property management nearly fifteen years ago as a real estate investor and currently owns both single-family and multi-family residential real estate and manages full-scale renovations throughout the greater Baltimore area. She has studied investment analysis and management from many of the most successful real estate investors in the country and has attained the Professional Housing Provider certification from the National Real Estate Investors Association. She regularly attends national and regional conventions to ensure she stays in touch with the needs of real estate investors. Michelle is also a licensed real estate broker, which provides the resources, contacts, continuing education, and legal framework support necessary to keep up with the most current regulatory environment She knows how to play by the rules and still be profitable. Michelle received a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science with honors from the University of Maryland, which enhanced her already keen analysis skills, attention to detail, and ability to integrate current technologies into the field of real estate management. As a result, she has developed many of the problem-solving algorithms and techniques used by PropertyWize as well as real estate investors throughout the Mid-Atlantic region. By combining those tools with her education, experience, and wide range of professional contacts, Michelle is able to minimize costs while maintaining her clients’ investments in order to provide them with exceptional long-term cash flow. Additionally, her incomparable reputation is exemplified by her roll as a moderator of the Landlording Strategies monthly meeting of the Baltimore Real Estate Investor’s Association. When Baltimore investors want to learn how to run their real estate investments more efficiently and profitably, they know Michelle has the answers.