Guaranteed Positive Cash Flow Program

How it works

  1. Our team visits your property and conducts an inspection and a full market rent analysis to give you the information you need to set the most appropriate rental rate for your unit
  2. Upon your approval, we begin to market your property and follow our standard tried and true procedures to lease up to thoroughly screened, qualified tenants.
  3. We manage your rental, correct minor repairs under $500, pay all utilities, and deposit your rental units cash flow via direct deposit on the same day each mont

Property Condition Requirements

  • Property must be vacant and PropertyWize is hired to do full management and tenant placement services.
  • Property must be in an approved target area with a minimum rent potential of $1000.00 per month.
  • Property must have proper inspections and registrations
  • Property must be in turn-key condition
  • Only one property per investor/owner is covered under this guarantee and only one guarantee claim may be made by any investor/owner during any 90-day period.

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