Management Fee Schedule

Reserve Fund
1-3 Units $500 per Unit
2-6 Units $400 per Unit
7+ Units $300 per Unit
Monthly Management Fee
Occupied The greater of 10% gross rent or $100
Vacant No Charge [1]
[1] No charge up to three months following the last tenant vacate date. Otherwise, this fee is $60.00 per month per unit to cover cost of continued accounting functions, utility management and visitations.
Water Bill Management No Charge
If no discount on management fee
Tenant Placement Fee 100% of first full month rent
Also known as “Leasing Fee”, this fee includes the costs of advertising, showing the unit, screening prospective tenants, co-op with other Agents and Brokers, facilitating the process of getting Request for Tenancy Approval from subsidized housing voucher programs (e.g. Section 8 & BRHP), standing in for HUD required initial inspection, preparing & signing lease, and doing move-in walk-through with approved tenant.
Lease Renewal Fee: Charged whenever a lease is extended beyond its initial term
If a lease is renewed for another term $60 per term
If a lease is renewed to month-to-month $100 one-time fee
Rekey Locks Fees
Initial setup to Master Key system $100 per door
Rekey existing locks on Master Key system $25 per door
Taking over existing tenant-occupied property [2]
1-3 Units $300 per unit
4-6 Units $250 per unit
7+ Units $200 per unit
[2] Includes current inspection of property, new lease signing with tenant, transferring subsidized housing payments (if applicable), verifying county and state required property registrations are up-to-date.
Security deposit disposition letter with photos No charge [3]
[3] No charge if property has been managed by us for duration of tenancy. Otherwise, this fee is $150 each
Walk-through inspection requested by owner $125 each time [4]
[4] Includes pictures and a summary report via email
Check and change furnace filter upon owner's request $75 each time + cost of the filters
Renovation/Construction Management Fee 10% of the labor and material cost [5]
Repair/Maintenance Management Fee 10% of the labor and material cost [5]
[5] Material cost may be estimated when purchased in bulk
Evition Notification (Baltimore City Only) $75.00
Post Eviction Notice on property front door one week prior to eviction date.
Eviction Day Stand-in to Meet Sheriff $125 per person required per local jurisdiction
Eviction Lock Change Fee
If on our Master Key System $25 per door
Otherwise $75 per door
If no key and need to drill lock $150 for the 1st door
Use & Occupancy Permit (U & O)
Apply for U & O permit (Walk-in) No charge [6]
Stand in for U & O inspection No charge [7]
No charge if we did the construction management for the entire renovation of the property. Otherwise, the fee for [6] is $75 plus the cost of U & O; fee for [7] is $75 for 1st hour & $50 each additional hour.
Rent Escrow Appearances in Court $125.00 (up to 2 hrs)
Insurance Claim Management 10% of Claim Amount

3rd Party Fees (No up-charges)

FTP Rent Court Notice Filing including court appearance $75
Eviction “Put-Out” Notice Filing $60
MDE Lead-based Paint Inspection Certificate
MDE Lead-based Paint Inspection $295
MDE Lead Cert. Registration & Renewal $30 per year
Baltimore City Rental Property Registration $30 per year
Rental Registration Required Inspection $150
Section 8 Properties Required Rental Registration $75
Baltimore County Rental Property Registration
Rental Registration Required Inspection $150
Rental Registration Application $50