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July 2022 Newsletter

System - Friday, July 1, 2022

Inspection Reports for Door Postings 

Once a tenant reaches an outstanding balance of >$2K, a red collection notice will be posted on the tenant's door. Upon doing this, our agent will check the condition of your home's exterior by filling out an inspection report. This report is available by logging in to your Owner's Portal.

No Contact from Tenant Procedure

When a tenant starts being non-responsive to our attempts to communicate, this procedure is initiated. This process includes: Calling emergency contacts, BGE verification, posting a notice on tenant's door, and scheduling a wellness visit.

Eviction Process Updates

Great news! Rent court is gradually picking up the pace on backlogged cases and is setting court dates from 9 months delay to 2 months
now. We are now recommending filing monthly effective July 2022 on those tenants with more than $3K balances.

Check out our Eviction Flyer for more details.

Does Your Home Attract Quality Tenants?

The best way to attract quality tenants is to have a high-quality rental property at an ideal location. Make sure that your property meets our minimum standards.

Click here to read more.

Annual Inspection Season is Here!

The Annual Inspection season commenced in June. Here's a blank copy of the inspection report in case you are curious. Once your property was successfully inspected they are automatically synced in your owner's portal. We also share a copy with you as well via email once completed!

Did you know? Non-Emergency work orders for those with balances over $1500

For the past few months, we have implemented a strategy to motivate tenants to pay their balance. currently, non-emergency tickets will not be addressed if their account has a balance of over $1500 and on an approved payment plan. TRUE emergencies MUST be handled in order to prevent liability. They are reminded to settle their outstanding balance with our office in order for maintenance services. The tickets are placed in deferred status.

Lawn Care Management

We are on a bi-weekly schedule for all units that owners have opted in Lawn Care Management.

If your property is a single-family property, the tenant is 100% responsible to manage unless it’s vacant. If a violation notice is issued due to unkept lawn care, please be sure to upload a copy of the citation to the portal so that it can be processed timely.

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Owner Benefit Package

Minimize Your Exposure... and Headaches:
When a tenant defaults on the rent, it can take months to regain your property and get another tenant in place. Meanwhile, you're continuing to make mortgage payments and incurring additional expenses on the property, all the while losing rental income. Enter the Owner Benefit Package.

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