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December 2022 Newsletter

System - Monday, December 5, 2022

New Resident Services Portal and Assistance in Job Placement 

We are proud to announce our new Services Portal and Assistance in Job Placement Board for Residents! This board helps tenants in need of assistance or are seeking job to be back on track with rent payments.

Auto-Approval of Emergencies and Repairs <$300.00

All emergency requests are auto-approved as it usually is a liability issue for the property. Any amount above $300.00 that’s nonemergency requires owner rental approval and less than $300 is auto-approved.

Lease Incentives

If you unit hasn’t been rented in over 30 days, it’s a sign it’s time to make changes ASAP!

As the holidays are approaching, we are combatting "off-season" by offering lease incentives and/or reducing rent to help get your property rented sooner.

Payment Disbursement Date

Payment disbursement date is every 15th of the month or the next business day if it falls on a weekend or holiday.

How to pull a rental owner statement:

1. On your portal, go to Reports.
2. Click on the Rental Owner Statement.
3. Choose the Property (if you have multiple properties) then the Date range.
4. Click download report.

Winter Checkup

As cold weather is approaching, there are chances of interior or exterior pipes getting frozen, to avoid freezing the following precautions need to be done. We do alert tenants to complete the following to work together to avoid any property damage from the cold winter weather.

  1. Turn OFF all interior water valves to exterior faucets. OPEN exterior faucets (leave them open). Detach and drain hoses.

  2. During very low temperatures, increase warm air circulation by opening interior doors and cabinet doors under the sinks, especially when water lines are next to exterior walls.

  3. In the event of a burst water line, immediately TURN OFF the interior main water valve and report the problem to property management.

  4. Keep air returns clean and adjust air registers for the best possible balance of warm air circulation to all areas of the house. If your house has a damper on the furnace duct, change the setting from “Summer” to “Winter” (there will be a written indication on the ductwork).

  5. Change furnace filters every month or two to ensure proper performance of the heating and air conditioning systems, which reduces operating costs.

  6. In the event of power failure, immediately report the problem to your power company.

  7. In the event of a heating system failure, immediately report the problem to Property Management.

  8. In the event of a power or heating system failure of an extended duration, allow interior faucets to drip slightly to reduce the possibility of frozen water lines.

  9. In the event, you will be gone for an extended period of time, maintain the house temperature above 55 degrees F. Have a friend or neighbor check your home during your absence to ensure the heating system is functioning. 

  10. Keep storm doors, storm windows, and garage doors closed if applicable.

  11. If you are responsible for landscaping, trimming all shrubs, raking all leaves, and cleaning gutters; the best time for all these items is after the Thanksgiving holiday.

  12. BGE also has a Program called Quick Home Energy Check-up, if you have not previously participated here is the link to request an appointment: Also there for low-income families, there is a weatherization program to assist your households in lowering their energy costs by increasing the energy efficiency of your homes.

Owner Benefit Package

Minimize Your Exposure... and Headaches:
When a tenant defaults on the rent, it can take months to regain your property and get another tenant in place. Meanwhile, you're continuing to make mortgage payments and incurring additional expenses on the property, all the while losing rental income. Enter the Owner Benefit Package.

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